NGH has been founded to endlessly pursue beauty, health and well-being, introducing a new customer experience for women and men in the process.
Always striving for perfection, NGH only relies on top tier partners and raw materials, resulting in the distribution of innovative products of the highest quality in the field of aesthetic medicine, to meet and surpass the expectations of professionals and their customers.

Swiss standards became global

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Highest standards

A belief we transform into innovation, manufacturing all of our products in Switzerland and in Italy, under the highest safety standards, inspired by excellence.
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Attention to Customers’ needs

Our Customers represent our only focus, developing our products.
To surpass their expectations we select the best raw materials, the best manufacturing processes and top tier partners, to deliver unique aesthetic solutions.
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International DNA

NGH aimed to be global from day one. Crossing borders with its reach, while supporting local distributors up close.
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Continuous innovation

We strive to be at the forefront of aesthetic medicine, always. Don’t just take our word for granted, have a look at our injectables, one click away.

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