We support our partners in distribution from A to Z, during registration and in the go-to-market phase.

We always stay true to NGH’s international DNA, aiming to introduce innovative products and breakthroughs in aesthetics at a global level.

Supporting your market

Bringing the highest quality standards

NGH relies on a worldwide network of top tier partners and distributors who reflect our values of continuous innovation, training and exclusivity.

Ambassadors and training

Innovation is not only about the final products, but also falls on manufacturing practices and injection techniques, which is why we provide continuous training for our partners and customers.

Choosing NGH means having at hand some of the most renowned aesthetic doctors in Europe, who will be available for events, live updates and answers to any kind of feedback.

These professionals are directly involved in the development process of products and of injection techniques, working alongside us from initial concepts to end results.

Support to partners

NGH brings together various professionals with many years of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine. We know exactly how to bring our innovative brands to customers and we are eager to share our insights.

This is why we support our partners with marketing and sales support materials and know-how, from physical media to online support through our channels and main social media platforms.

Logistic management

Choosing NGH as a partner for your business means entrusting your stock and warehouse rotation to a dedicated team, taking advantage of software-based controlling systems to track your orders.

Regulatory support

As professionals in the field, we know that the legislative landscape regarding the distribution of medical devices is complex and different from country to country.

We are here to support our partners during the registration process.

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