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Improved Bio-Stimulation


What is Phormae?

Skin aging occurs with loss of deep hydration, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation of various types and alteration of the amorphous component of the dermis. This complex phenomenon will manifest with a marked decrease in hyaluronic acid concentration.

Phormae is a bio-stimulating injectable medical device based on hyaluronic acid (HA) fragments with a molecular weight around 1300 kDa. Phormae contains non reticulated, fragmented HA, the best option to activate new young collagen (type III) production in the skin and to greatly improve skin hydration, resulting in a naturally rejuvenated look.

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What results can I expect using Phormae?

Phormae is meant to naturally make you look younger, improving your skin health and stimulating its own ability to repair and recover. It is the perfect solution if you are looking to maintain your look, shedding a few years off. After the treatment you will see immediate results and glowing skin, you will feel the deep hydration and notice smoother skin and a fresher look. Following the protocol advised by your trusted physician will grant the best results possible.


Is Phormae safe?

HA-based products are generally considered very safe and mild adverse reactions are very rare; nonetheless, we chose to use only the best and purest form of HA (pharma-grade), with the lowest level of endotoxins, to offer you the highest safety you can find.

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Unique characteristics

The high technological specialisation of our laboratories allows us to integrate cutting-edge technologies into the manufacturing process, including the Selective Spectrum Technology (SST), that lets us select the most appropriate spectrum of HA for the aesthetic target, maximising the effectiveness of the product; HA fragmentation, to better stimulate CD44 receptors on fibroblasts to produce collagen type III; pharma-grade hyaluronic acid, to make product issues virtually impossible.

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